Anansi, the spider trickster of West Africa, and later the Caribbean at large, is often depicted as selfish and greedy in addition to being ever-lazy and painfully clever. Anansi is always quick to hatch a plan to swindle another person (or animal) in order to get something for himself. Often, that something is an easy meal, or free labor for a job he doesn’t want to do himself. Most times Anansi is successful, but in rare instances, as may be the case with this story, he is outwitted by a more clever someone. Will Anansi be outwitted by the end of this story, or will he retain his unofficial title as West Africa’s finest trickster? Listen to find out, and if you’d like to support this podcast please click here. Thank you!


Original Story : “West African Folk-Tales”, collected and arranged by W.H. Barker and Cecilia Sinclair [1917]

Rewritten & Narrated by : Tanner Campbell

Sound Designed by : Quinn Greenhaus

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