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Meet the Creators

Tanner & Quinn started Retold together in 2021. Quinn is the Sound Designer & Musician, Tanner is the Narrator and Editor.

Tanner Campbell

Tanner has been creating podcasts since 2010, and has owned recording studios in Florida, Colorado, and Maine; by trade, he is an Audio Engineer and Media Consultant. In 2012 he took an avid interest in mythology and folklore and began researching, translating, and re-telling obscure and near-forgotten stories from books more than a hundred years out of print; his oldest: a 1500s printing of Straparola's Facetious Nights in Italian. Tanner's primary motivations for creating this podcast were literary preservation and public education.

Quinn Greenhaus

Quinn is a Musician, Sound Designer, and working Audio Engineer & Producer who has been working in the podcast industry since 2017 and the broader audio industry for nearly her entire life in once capacity or another. Quinn joined the Retold team at the outset and plays an integral role in creating the immersive nature of our stories - without Quinn, you'd have narration and that's it. Quinn's primary motivations for getting involved with the Retold project are cultural curiosity and the opportunity to sharpen her skills as a Sound Designer.

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We don't charge for this show, and we never will. There are no extra episodes or perks, Quinn and I just do this because we love it. If you love it too, consider making a one-time-donation to buy us a coffee.